Your jewelry piece is handcrafted using various types of metals, vintage beads, gemstones, wood, and other natural elements.  Each metal pendant has a two-coat protective shield (back side) with the intent purpose of providing a margin of protection from irritation.  It is important that the guidance provided is followed to ensure the long wear and enjoyment of your piece.

It is recommended that your jewelry piece is stored in a velvet bag or (jewelry) box independent of other pieces and safe from humidity.  It is also important to avoid wearing your jewelry pieces while participating in water activities. Brass will naturally oxidize (patina) over time. This oxidation may result in the brass darkening and/or changing to a blue-green color. This can be removed with the jewelry cloth provided or the soft application of real lemon juice. The regular gentle cleaning and storage will aid in delaying oxidation.

NOTE: It is advised to apply all body products (oils, lotions, fragrances, etc.) before adorning yourself.