Your jewelry piece is handcrafted using various types of metals, vintage beads, gemstones, wood, and other natural elements.  Each metal pendant has a two-coat protective shield (back side) with the intent purpose of providing a margin of protection from irritation.  It is important that the guidance provided is followed to ensure the long wear and enjoyment of your piece.

Each jewelry piece must be stored independent of all other pieces-this will help to prevent unwanted scratches.  It is recommended that your jewelry piece is stored in a velvet bag or (jewelry) box and in a space absent of humidity.  It is also recommended that your jewelry piece (except raw brass) is gently cleaned with a standard (dry) jewelry cloth after each wear to prevent the build up of- topical oils, lotions, and other chemicals.  The brass jewelry cloth provided is recommended for the best outcome.  This gentle clean and storage solution will also prevent a heavy patina of the raw brass.  

NOTE: It is advised to apply all body products (oils, lotions, fragrances, etc.) before adorning yourself.

Most of the metal used throughout the jewelry pieces is either-rich raw brass, gold plated brass, unknown mixed metal, stainless steel, and copper.  All BUT the raw brass metal can be cleaned with a standard (dry) jewelry cloth.  A liquid jewelry cleaner is NOT advised as a method of cleaning for any of the metals.  It is important to read the description and to know the metal content of your jewelry piece to ensure that you are caring for it properly.


When cleaning raw brass metal lay the entire jewelry piece on a dry cloth. Squeeze 2 tablespoons of lemon juice in a small bowl and using a clean, dry cloth apply the juice to the target area using a finger.  Clean small areas of the piece at a time and observe cloth to determine that the soil is being removed.  


If the raw brass piece has a heavy patina (tarnished) it is recommended to add baking soda to the lemon juice and create a toothpaste like consistency.  Apply this lemon paste to the piece with a soft bristle toothbrush.  Use a circular motion to clean the brass metal.  The grit of the baking soda will remove the heavy patina.  To rinse the jewelry piece, saturate a soft cloth with water and wipe.  Repeat this rinse technique until all residue is removed.  Use a clean, dry cloth to dry.  DO NOT INSERT JEWELRY PIECE INTO DIRECT WATER OR WATER STREAM.  Allow the jewelry piece to air dry (flat) on a dry surface for a minimum of 24 hours before storing or next wear.