I am Dawn - the owner and creative designer of this inspired company. It is my purpose to create. I enjoy every aspect of the design journey and it is my hope that you will enjoy what I have to offer.

I began this spiritual, creative journey of jewelry design in 2005. The language of the arts has held a space in my soul since childhood however, it took years for me to know just how I wanted to express my art, myself to others. The art of designing jewelry is truly a spiritual experience. I am often inspired by the richness of my African Ancestral Heritage, the colors that GOD creates for us daily and the sensational life of my ancestral grandparents.

I believe that jewelry design is an art-a dialect all its own. It is an artistic expression of elements both seen and unseen. This is the definition of "Faith" in which I walk this journey each day. God has blessed me with a few gifts. It is my responsibility to respond to him (in gratefulness) and myself to use at least one-to show my appreciation.
It is my hope that one of my designs reaches you and teaches you.